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Pro-Gun Policies Will Fail Because There Were No Nuclear Wars

Pro-Gun Policies Will Fail Because There Were No Nuclear Wars

Some gun control mantras make my head explode – and they don’t even use the phrase “for the children!” I’ll venture a guess they will cause you equal frustration. So go find a roll of […]

The Common Sense Language of Gun Control

The Common Sense Language of Gun Control

Words have more power than just about anything. Words can get us married. Words can get us thrown out of bars. Words (in the form of outrageous lies) can get people elected to political office. […]

Australian Phil's Fears

Phil’s Phobias, Urticating Caterpillar Husbandry and the Gun Debate

One of the joys of publishing written diatribe for public consumption is the comments and feedback from the… internet. Consider this recent example. Phil from Australia writes… I’m glad I live in Australia, with controlled […]

Sad Bloomberg didn't get his censorship wish.

Thank You Notes for Ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Dear Ex-Mayor Bloomberg: I’ve slipped on my normally punctual Thank You notes, so I hope you’re not offended if I consolidate all of my belated Thank You’s into one letter. Thank you. For… Preventing me […]

If you want to enjoy the CIRT reticle (2nd focal plane) for a lot less money, check out the Weaver Kaspa-Z scope (top) We'll be reviewing that separately soon.

Weaver Tactical 1-5×24 Scope With CIRT Reticle: Short & Fast Or Long & Accurate

The Weaver Tactical 1-5×24 scope is a high-quality, well-constructed optic that compares favorably to other models costing twice as much. Available on the street for just over $700, it’s not a cheap Charlie, but you […]

Boiling Frogs, Gun Allergies and How To Influence Your Enemies

Boiling Frogs, Gun Allergies and How To Influence Your Enemies

Having spent decades in the marketing field trying to convince people to buy things they don’t want, I get it. I get that people become acclimated to ideas and new concepts as a result of […]

The range portion of SHOT Show is equally epic. What you see here is about 10% of Media Day at the Range.

Top 10 Reasons SHOT Show Is Awesome

SHOT Show is an annual pilgrimage of fun, friends, work, pain, exhaustion, more work, more fun, and certainly a lot more pain. It’s infinite, seemingly boundless and more crowded than a buy-one, get-one-free bordello, but […]

5 Reasons Concealed Carry Laws Are Ridiculous

5 Reasons Concealed Carry Laws Are Ridiculous

Every day there’s something in the news about someone or other campaigning to restrict concealed carry. For example, the newly-formed group MDASININE (Moms Demand Action Supporting Irrelevant Nonsensical Insane Nanny-like Edicts) is frequently on the […]

Notice the gap between my whole index finger and the side of the gun. If I press the trigger correctly, only the tip of my finger will move against the gun.

How To Make Sure Your Handgun Fits You

Today’s handguns come in more shapes and sizes than a random assortment of Wal-Mart Thanksgiving sale shoppers. Not only that, many modern handguns come with replaceable grip panels so you can adjust the size to […]

The concealed gun compartment has plenty of room. It's shown here with a Glock 32 and two spare magazines.

Year of the Gear! The Vanquest Javelin VSlinger Pack

2013 is the year of the gear! All my favorite gear makers have been burning the midnight oil to come up with products more useful than TV mute circuitry that detects the voices of Piers […]