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Doctor Vivek Murthy stands among other bystanders during the first day of legal arguments over the Affordable Care Act outside the Supreme Court in Washington March 26, 2012. U.S. President Barack Obama's sweeping healthcare overhaul on Monday went before the U.S. Supreme Court where the nine justices began hearing arguments in a historic test of the law's validity under the U.S. Constitution. REUTERS/Jason Reed   (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS HEALTH CIVIL UNREST) - RTR2ZWK8

Crackpots At MSNBC Blame Dallas Ebola Outbreak On… The NRA?

There are days that I’m convinced that MSNBC is directed by Chuck Jones. Today is one of those days, as MSNBC’s liberal sycophants Krystal Ball and Anne Thompson decided that the Center For Disease Control’s incompetent […]

Progress: MSNBC Host Admits Gun Ownership Isn’t a “Fringe” Thing

Progress: MSNBC Host Admits Gun Ownership Isn’t a “Fringe” Thing

For the past two months we’ve been hearing from progressives and certain politicians like Chuck Schumer that groups like the NRA and gun owners sit on the “fringe” of American society. Considering there are an […]