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Medal of Honor Roll Call: Richard A. Anderson

Medal of Honor Roll Call: Richard A. Anderson

Undaunted, he continued to pour a relentless stream of fire at the assaulting unit, even while a companion was treating his legs wounds.

Video: Behind the scenes with Army Ranger training

Take a look Army Ranger training at Camp Ruddy, Florida.

ATW: Police kill intruder who stabbed student in New York synagogue

Officer fatally shoots man after stabbing at Brooklyn synagogue

ATW: Ohio Senate approves loosening rules for concealed-weapons permits, hunting silencers

The legislation now heads back to the Ohio House for a final vote.

ATW: Farmer shoots, kills armed intruder after receiving phone call from his wife

protected his wife after he received a suspicious phone call

ATW: Woman covered in blood says she shot an intruder

The woman told deputies there had been an intruder at her residence and she had shot the man.

ATW: Florida bill proposes conceal carry on state college campuses, universities

Should Floridians be disarmed on college campuses?

Knife Rights fights against NYC blade ordinances

Most knife attacks, including the most recent one at a Synagogue in Brooklyn, are not committed with pocket knives; most are committed with large fixed-blade kitchen knives.

ISAF Joint Command in Afghanistan formally ceases ops

ISAF gives way to Resolute Support, the new-look platform for NATO partnership with Kabul.

Letter of California: Feinstein’s Shot-heard-round-the-world

Letter of California: Feinstein’s Shot-heard-round-the-world

Feinstein is a fanatic opponent of personal self-defense, so it follows she wants to disarm America against terrorists.