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Articles written by: Stephen Wenger

Stephen Wenger

Retired from actively teaching self-defense with firearms, Stephen shares much of what he learned in that part-time career in his book Defensive Use of Firearms and a website of the same title. His own training included courses from some of the better known private-sector instructors in the US as well as many “unknown” ones encountered at law-enforcement training seminars and conferences. His certification from the Law Enforcement Activities Division of the NRA included Handgun/Shotgun, Patrol Rifle and Tactical Shooting Instructor. Influenced in part by his training in the Cantonese martial art of wing chun kuen, over time, his teaching shifted increasingly from that oriented toward shooting on the range to that which is most likely to work in an actual fight.

Carrying one handgun accessible to each hand greatly enhances your ability to end the fight if one hand or arm gets injured. Guns, gun hands and gun-side arms and shoulders often get shot in real gunfights.

Are You Prepared to Fight Through An Injury?

At a recent meeting, another attendee commented to me that she is currently unable to shoot due to an injury to her dominant-side right arm. (I specifically avoid the terms “strong side” and “weak side” […]

My preference, when wearing two guns on the belt, is to set one up for primary access with the right hand and one for primary access with the left hand.

Re-Examining The “New York Reload”

Just when I thought that I had run out of topics for discussion in this forum, I ran across and took exception with a blog posting presenting what I view as a somewhat distorted view of the […]


Rule Two, Shoulder Holsters and the Safety Circle

As I do not believe in posting articles every week if I lack a meaningful topic, I asked the members of my mailing list for suggestions. Montana instructor (and author of the Montana Firearms Freedom Act) Gary Marbut […]

An introduction to the reality of shooting another human can be attained with the use of color, photographic targets, particularly if the images do not all face the shooter squarely. In this drill, the students have drawn and fired because they were positioned at a close enough distance where that made more sense than first moving to the cover behind them. However, after shooting, they scooted to the cover to their rear, then performed a 360-degree scan for other possible threats.

For What Do You Train?

When Bob first invited me to post at Bearing Arms, I led off with an article entitled “Why Do You Bear Arms?”  In it, I said: …Closer to the age of 70 than 60, I […]

The Sneaky Pete is best paired with a small, thin pistol that uses a single-column magazine. The draw is initiated by placing the middle finger below the trigger guard, then raising the pistol until the firing grip can be acquired.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Sometimes I wish I owned a dairy so that I’d have plenty of cheese to ship back with some of the whine that gets addressed to me from time to time. Over the years, I’ve spent a […]

Thoughts On Pocket Carry

Thoughts On Pocket Carry

Years ago, I heard a student describe an attempted invasion of his rural home. He was puttering around one Saturday morning, wearing painter’s pants that lacked the belt loops allowing him to wear a holster belt and […]

While this ballistic vest is well beyond the five-year period at which replacement is recommended, it has seen little use, the central portion of the front panel is double thickness and the rear panel provides a third full layer of protection.

Why Is This Chair Wearing a Ballistic Vest?

Years ago, I developed the habit, if I noticed that I was not placing my shots where I expected them to go, of asking myself, “When was the last time that you dry-fired this firearm?” […]

Glock 17

Is Glock the Best Choice for “America’s Gun?”

Back in 2012, a very revealing book about how Glock seized a major portion of the US handgun market, written by Bloomberg Businessweek columnist and assistant editor Paul Barrett, was released. Either Barrett or his […]

Night Sights, Flashlights and Lasers, Oh My!

Night Sights, Flashlights and Lasers, Oh My!

For many years – based on my training in shooting previously identified, stationary, paper targets on ranges – I invested in tritium night sights on those firearms that I thought I’d be most likely use in self-defense. […]

Shooting over low cover gives a wider field of view at the expense of more exposure.

Concealment, Cover, and Tactical Movement

From my earliest days of training beyond the fundamentals of shooting, I recall being taught that cover is better than concealment and that the most valuable tactic is gaining cover. As with many things I was taught […]